Troubleshoot computer problems with games

Computer’s are like a very important part of our life. Now a days, everything is done on computer as computers eliminates the manual work.  Some of the people use computer’s to play online games such as jackpot games, sports games etc. but it’s not necessary that one computer online game which is running perfectly on one computer also running properly on another computer.
Every computer has its own hardware and software specification. So, sometimes a little error in computer could also lead a very big problem in your computers but now it’s very easy to troubleshoot that problem and fix it by making a few adjustments in your system. Some of  technological society provides troubleshoot training like IEEE computer society.  You have to take care of few things which are listed below.
Minimum system requirements: please always check the minimum system requirement to play any games on your system. If your computer doesn’t meet these entire requirements then you can’t play that online game in your system.
Check the resolution: Before starting any game on your system, always check the best suites the screen resolution for that game and then adjustment the settings of your computer according to that.
Clean games CD or DVD: if you’re playing any games on your system that requires disk to be inserted, then make sure that CD’s and DVD’s are properly cleaned and free from dust as sometimes dust on the CD’s and DVD’s could also cause the games to run improperly. So, always take a soft cloth not a hard one to clean your CD and then try to play that CD in your system.
Reinstall the game: if you are facing any errors while playing any games on your system like system files corrupting or missing then try to reinstall the games in your system.