Share your Android WiFi connection via Bluetooth

Share your Android WiFi connection via Bluetooth to Computer or Android

Connect internet from Computer to Android or Android to Computer using Bluetooth Tethering. No need for any PC suite or USB cable to connect and access internet in PC or laptop. Tethering is one of the feature of Android mobile, which makes it possible. Tethering means actually we can share the internet connection of mobile phone with other device using WiFi connectivity, USB connectivity or Bluetooth. Below are the steps to connect internet with Bluetooth tethering, but before implement the steps, ensure that your computer or laptop should have Bluetooth device with installed Bluetooth driver and is functioning properly.

Share WiFi over Bluetooth

First of all, you need to connect your Samsung mobile phone to Wi-Fi . Then follow the following steps as shown in picture.
 1. Setting > > Connections >> Tethering and portable hotspot.
 2. Just Turn on Bluetooth tethering option.
Enable the Bluetooth tethering option by ticking the box. You'll see a warning that Bluetooth visibility needs to be adjusted.
3. Bluetooth>> Visible to all nearby option.

Now move on to your computer or laptop to make couple of steps. Open control panel >> Select Devices and printer >> Add your Bluetooth enabled android device, by pressing Add Devices button appearing in the above of window bar.

Last step. Choose your recently added Mobile then right click on it, where you can see the option to Connect using >> Access point. Once you clicked it, you are ready to go to access internet in few seconds in your Personal computer from your mobile device.

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