How to Fix Application Unable to Start Correctly Error (0xc000007b)

If you see this error message: 'The application was unable to start correctly' it's probably because you're trying to run a game or program and there's something wrong. Below we have a variety of methods you can follow to fix it:

1. Restart your computer
2. Update .NET framework
3. Enable Administrator rights : Try running the game or application with admin rights. To do that, right click on the shortcut or the actual executable for the game, select Properties and open the Compatibility tab. Tick the 'Run this program as an administrator' box, and click on OK.

4. Reinstall the app or game : You can also try re-installing the game or program you're trying to run - simple but sometimes very effective.

5. Update Windows :Update Windows. In many cases Windows will automatically update, but to check, head to Control Panel and search for 'Windows Update'. 

6. Run ChkDsk 7 & sfc /scannow : In the CMD window type "chkdsk c: /f /r". If it is system drive, it will ask you to schedule it for next boot. When you restart, it will do a check before get to the login screen. Partitions.
"scf /scannow" scan for and restore corrupt windows system files.

7. Reinstall DirectX : Reinstall DirectX. The way to do this depends on your version of Windows and which version of DirectX you need. 

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