Block Unwanted Sites Without Installing Any Software.

Do you want to block a certain websites to prevent your kids from access to these sites?, or you want to block it because it has virus, Trojan or malware?, whatever the reason you want to block this site.Of course there are many software that allow you to block some websites, but what if you wanted just to block one or two websites? installing software takes memory disks pace and CPU power making your computer more slower.Instead of installing any additional software there is trick you can use to block and redirect certain website to other safe websites, in windows there is file called the Hosts files which is used to control mapping networks namesThe hosts file is located in "C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc" we are going to edit it to block certain websites1) Go to this directory [c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc], directory may change according to drive used for os installation2) then hit enter3) find a file named "hosts"4) Right click on it and open with word pad.5) In the last line of the document type the IP* address of any website that you want to redirect your blocked sites to. (For example: if you want to block and redirect it to type the ip address of , give space and type the domain name google.comHere the ip address is of yahoo and the domain name is google so when anyone types in your computer, they will be redirected to yahoo instead of google. If you dont want to redirect the blocked site to any other site , then you can use your own localhost ip now save it7) restart the browser if its already running8) Now try it, It works perfectIf you are still not clear by reading the tutorial.. check out the video below.You can also try this your frieds pc and public pc and make them blink by redirecting one website to another.IP*: to find IP address of that website Goto start ->Run > type cmd > enter. Now you have a new window on desktop. On that type this without cotes "ping www."replace with your preferred site and then enter it

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