How to enjoy Chatting on your network with WinChat ?

Today tip will help you to start the chat with other computer users at the same network without internet connection. WinChat is an instant messaging program which is built-in feature of window XP. There are not so many features in this messaging program as other messaging programs just like Windows Live Messenger and ICQ. This program is free from spam and viruses and more secure than other instant messenger programs.

Follow the given steps to use the winchat chatting program:

When you want to run winchat, first click on Start button and type winchat in Run option then press Enter for next.

Next you should go to Conversation Menu and then click the dial option.

Here choose that person you want to chat with on your network (when you will click on dial then you will get list of that persons with which you are going to connect on your network even if they are running winchat or not. If you dial any body of your list they are not responding or ignoring you, then they may not be running the winchat.

When any body is running winchat he will hear a ringing sound. Both you and your networking sharing person will free to chat with each other when your recipient clicks the answer button.

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